Our mission

Ferro Forjat is born out of the enthusiasm and vitality of its founder that, for his professional journey, would have never imagined ending working with iron.

Santi Pons has been a professional and autodidact in many fields. He worked twenty-three years on a bank, where half of that time was as an executive.

Curious and restless by definition, at the same time that he has had his occupation on the bank he maintained a very close relationship with two other professions, very different between them but very passionate: the iron wrought and the gastronomy. This last one made him become a “chef” of his own local, the restaurant Santi Pons located on the outskirts of Santa Eugenia (Mallorca), a little village.

He has been experimenting and learning the secrets of the ancestral figure of the blacksmith for almost twenty years. The first four ones with the iron wrought, learning how to handle the elements and techniques from a point of view more industrial. Over time his technique has matured and, as the iron is wrought, blow by blow, the creativity that he embodies making his new ideas born. Expressed through the design of their furniture works and artistic sculpture, both made with iron and often combined with natural elements.


Santi Pons

Wood, stone, iron, mud, fire …

EIn 2000 he showed for the first time his artistic work in an individual exhibition, presenting 35 original pieces in Santa Eugenia Town Hall (Mallorca). Since then he has continued making specific artistic creations that are available to all those interested in art, sculpture, and volumes.

In 2019, he participated in a solidarity event, expressly creating the figure of a giant heart that he donated to the Àgora Portals school to use as a container in the collection of plastic caps for the non-profit association Arka Taps Solidaris, which works and helps children with paralysis cerebral.

The Ferro Forjat workshop is characterized by flexibility and adaptation. He works from industrial work - design railings for houses, farms, chalets; railings; farm closures; stairs of any kind; windows; railings;- up to fully customized decoration projects, both classic and minimalist, displaying all your creativity and good taste in each of your original furniture works, headboards of beds, beds, tables, chairs, frames for mirrors or paintings, lamps, sculptures of small-format ... and everything that the imagination of the client may want.

The technique, precision, creativity, original designs, all accompanied by seriousness, commitment and work well done.